chi· mer· ic /keemérik/ adj. fantastic or grotesque product of the imagination.

F· X /FX/ n. acronym for ef· fects; to bring into existence.

Please, allow me to introduce myself. My name's Bridget Yates Manry and I am the Webmistress of ChimericFX. I'd like to extend a gracious welcome your way as you step forward into my realm, a place I shall divulge bits and pieces of my brain to you.

Although much time has passed and many changes have been made to my mortal life since I first created ChimericFX, the name has remained ever constant, essentially becoming an extension of my being. I know it sounds bizarre but I tend to draw inspiration from the queer and eccentric and such an anecdote is quite befitting of someone such as myself. I created another website, Faery Crafty, to cater to my arts and crafts - yet I found it nearly inconceivable to rid myself of this handle. I don't know if it's because I've held onto it for so long that I've become dependent on it or because it truly suits me. Either way, it is my firstborn heir if you will...and it shall remain so for the remainder of my days. Henceforth, ChimericFX, shall serve me by hosting my personal stash of juicy brain candy for your pleasure and enjoyment. So please feel free to make yourself at home and immerse yourself in what I have to share and state.

Should you choose to journey forward into ChimericFX, I do ask one thing of you - venture forth with an open, mature mind. I don't mind an honest critique of my work, a passionate opinion concerning a topic I talk about, or even the mindful start of a conversation, but be aware that this is my website and I shall post what I want, when I want, and glorify or condemn it in the manner I desire. I am an eclectic being with a mind of my own and I urge you to share yourself with me, but if asking you to view this website with an open, mature mind is too much to ask, then I kindly ask you to refrain from heading further into my domain.

I am an imaginative creative so topics found within ChimericFX will range from kawaii to macabre in various forms of media.